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OK, I felt fair was fair. I always draw dreams revolving around Sarah's thoughts and hopes. I felt our beloved Goblin King needed a bit more attention. (Yes, this will totally inflate his ego...)

While I understand that the content is a bit risque, remember, this is Jareth's dream. :star:

..... and don't tell me this isn't what the guy is after.... I know he's about the "Goblin Queen" thing, buuuut, you have to admit, this is his ultimate goal. (His too-tight riding pants with the emphasis on the [AHEM]'bulge' ought to have been a dead giveaway, YO! :giggle:

Such a pity... Sarah was only 15 then, and not quite completely sure what to make of all of it. (Not that 15 year old girls can't figure something like that out, but its a rather young age to contemplate the full apparatus of the power of sexuality....(not to mention illegal in the USA) otherwise, Jareth would have had tons of power over her.) :nod:

I drew this on Corel Painter Essentials 4 & my wacom graphic tablet.

:heart: This picture is in lieu of the upcoming holiday, Valentine's Day :heart: I needed a lover/couple picture to commemorate the event! (Actually, if you look at half of my drawings you'll think I'm always celebrating this holiday) :blush:

I don't own Labyrinth or any of its fact... I think Henson might be a bit mortified over this picture.... Sorry, but I'm a hopeless romantic fan-girl of S/J hookup. :no:
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Submitted on
February 7, 2009
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